The multifamily industry has not been immune to the effects of COVID-19, but in what ways are they spinning these challenges into solutions? What lessons are there to be learned? How does the current pandemic affect changes we were already starting to see in the industry? We at JHP have been asking these questions, as have many of you, so we decided to take a deep dive into them in a search for answers.

While many industries have taken catastrophic hits, the good news is that it’s not necessary to assume only doom and gloom when it comes to multifamily housing. Change is nothing new to the multifamily housing industry, as the market has been adapting to community needs for decades. It’s true that many new solutions to current challenges are vital to the industry, but we have found many of these were already in the works and are now just being expedited. The key to not just surviving current disruptions but rather thriving in them, is flexibility and acceleration. Download our Post-COVID Multifamily Brochure for a look into new initiatives many properties are taking when it comes to their buildings, leasing offices and practices, amenity spaces, and more.

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